Spending time with my children is a luxury I don’t often have because of my work. That is why I would prefer to do something worthwhile with them. I got the chance one evening to do just that with my two daughters when we watched a stage play entitled “The Secret Garden”.

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Why Watch a Stageplay

I would often lament on how youngsters of today (including my own children) seem to fill up their day with unproductive activities. Nothing pretty much gets accomplished and no new and useful learning acquired during the day which is quite sad. Then I realized, what options and opportunities do we actually provide our children to help them get a better appreciation of life beyond hanging out in social media.

One of the most vivid experiences that children will benefit from is the exposure to the Performing Arts. This would include stage plays, dance, opera, and other performances that use the voice and movement of the body to convey artistic expression. Judging from the reaction of my two daughters while watching The Secret Garden, I knew I made the right decision to watch this stage play.

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The Story

I remember reading the book many years ago during my younger days but watching it as a play brought to life what I can only imagine while reading. The story tells of a young girl named Mary Lennox who was rather selfish primarily of the environment she grew up in. The death of her wealthy and equally selfish parents changed her life when circumstances brought her to her uncle’s home.

There she eventually found solace in a garden that was locked by her uncle after her aunt’s untimely death. It is also where she discovered her cousin, Collin Craven, who was initially believed to be a cripple. In a capsule, these two children eventually transformed their selfish ways through the power of love. Repertory Philippines’ The Secret Garden is not just a musical about how love forgives but also about how healing is attained by finding and liberating the truth in us, as shared by Director Anton Juan.

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Repertory Philippines The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden is a musical production that mostly highlights young but able stage performers who have extensive experience that can possibly eclipse the resume of more mature performers. This is just to be expected since the story itself has two children as its main characters. The music is as catchy as the performances are engaging. The costumes and production design brought the audience to a time where Mary, Collin, and all the other characters existed.

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My daughters who tend to fidget when watching a show were very quietly engrossed. That is proof that the show’s message is getting across. With such beautiful message to bring to families, I was truly glad that I found the time to watch this play with them.

secret garden repertory philippines

Mother-Daughter Bonding

Watching The Secret Garden offered a respite from everyday domestic concerns while offering life lessons that we may forget along the way. It reminds us to cherish the essential which is family. I’m looking forward to more opportunities like this as I try to make up for lost time with my children. It actually turned out good for my daughters and I, I wonder how I’d fair with my two sons. Let’s see.

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The Secret Garden will be staged from November 20 to December 20, 2015 at the Onstage Theater in Greenbelt 1, Makati City. Ticket prices range from P500 to P1,000. For more details on the play, call Repertory Philippines at 843-3570 and book tickets through TicketWorld at 891-9999 or visit their website at www.ticketworld.com.ph. The show runs simultaneously with Rep’s staging of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.