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The woman who acknowledges that relationships are important in creating a whole person and offers her personal take on the matter. She will be the first one to say that human emotions are real and should not be disregarded. She believes that a mind and heart at peace makes for a better person.

What Triggers Midlife Crisis in Women?

Midlife crisis is not monopolized by women. Men can also go through it but not all men or women will. There may be different triggers and manifestations according to gender although there are general reasons why anyone would feel that he or she is undergoing such crisis.

Out of Our Comfort Zone

Being surrounded with the comforts of the world may be one of the reasons why grown-ups nowadays lack the virtue of patience. With just one click, all the information we need would be laid on the table.

While Waiting for Prince Charming

You’ve probably seen it in the movies a thousand times. That scene where a dashing young prince gallops toward a tall tower, kills a huge, fire-breathing dragon with one swish of his sword, and successfully rescues the damsel in distress.

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