Most of us live by deadlines. Without adding more pressure than necessary, here are the definite must-haves by 30.

1) A career. A real one.

After all that hopping from one “rare” opportunity to another, you should have the right career formula by now.

2) More stability, less drama.

Rumor has it you’ve been feeding the world with negativity. Your whining doesn’t look that cute anymore, woman up.

3) Acceptance of your dysfunctional family.

Even when you start your own, that will not cut the ties with your original family; OR guarantee yours will be any different.

4) Friends, loyal ones preferred.

Don’t confuse that (B)ackstabbing (F)ake (F)riend with your (B)est (F)riend (F)orever.

5) Sufficient insurance.

Or investments… anything that will make you feel you’re on your way to financial security.

6) The look that suits you.

Own your look, never let trends dictate your style. Being comfortable should be your top priority.

7) Regular exercise regimen.

Because chips and hips don’t lie. No excuses.

8) Class.

Quotes on pinterest be like… Seek respect, not attention. WORD.

9) Knowledge of the angle that actually works for you.

Two #selfie commandments to live by though:
Thou shall NOT flood your friends’ news feed and Thou shall wear appropriate clothes.

10) Ability to give good advice.

Also know WHEN to give advice and WHEN to shut up.

11) Eating habits that will give you at least another 30 years to live.

But we totally understand the need to binge during that time of the month.

12) Confidence doing DIYs and repairs.

Own a home but not able to change a light bulb? Come on, you can do way better than that.

13) Sensitivity to feelings.

Your youth has saved you many times from the consequences of your tactlessness. It’s about time you think before you speak.

14) Wisdom to know when to call it quits.

Walk away from toxic relationships and friendships… they’re simply not worth it.

15) AND conviction to move on LIKE A BOSS.

Push forward and never go back to abusive or one-sided relationships.


Live the life you want & make the next 30 or more years of your life matter.