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The woman who discovers worthy finds and places to go to without breaking the bank. She is not one to buy useless things and would rather spend time considering what the best buy is before taking out her wallet. Her main motivating factor is getting rewarded with a self-indulging item every once in a while from savings made possible by wise buying choices.

The Lazada 11/11 Online Revolution Survival Kit

Crazy sales like Black Friday, Cyber Monday and End of Season Sale is not for the faint at heart. Shopaholics take it seriously and they bring their A game all the time to get the best deals online and in store.

So with the growing number of experienced shoppers, do we even stand a chance? Of course we do! Lazada is launching the Biggest Online Christmas Sale of the Year tomorrow and it will run for 1 whole month, 11/11 to 12/12, thus known as the Lazada 11/11 Online Revolution.

Health Risks of Vitamin-D Deficiency in Women

The medical community is looking more closely at Vitamin-D deficiency as it has been observed that it is a prevalent problem worldwide. Based on studies, women are included in several groups of individuals who were observed to be more prone to having this kind of condition alongside dark-colored skin races and the elderly.

Does SK-II Really Work?

You’ve seen the commercials. Tons of them. The little girl discovering the old brewer’s unwrinkled hands, Kate Bosworth claiming that it’s all her skin ever wanted, and your future self sending you messages.

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