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The woman who has something to say and acts on it. She takes the time to understand issues before opening her mouth to comment. During the times that no word is heard from her, she is probably doing something about it.

The Lisa Macuja Speech

There is probably no other prima ballerina closest to the hearts of Filipinos than the country’s very first – Lisa Teresita Pacheco Macuja-Elizalde or simply Lisa Macuja. Lisa recently made waves when she gave the commencement address to the Ateneo School of Humanities and School of Management graduates.

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Filipinas Making It Happen

Women and men all over the world are celebrating International Women’s Day today, March 8 being designated as such since 1913. From then till now women have been struggling to gain the right to enjoy what is due them not only by virtue of gender but as a human being as well.

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Advocacy Feature: Anti-Bullying 1620

The “No to Bullying” communication campaign is an advocacy that seeks to help arrest the growing and worsening incidence of bullying in schools, particularly in the elementary and secondary levels. The target audiences of the “No to Bullying” campaign are school administrators, teachers, parents, children who do the bullying, and the victims they are bullying.

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